Monday, November 07, 2005

"Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
This I tell you brother
You can't have one without the other"----Frank Sinatra

Marriage is the union of two souls. Period. Marriage is the step people take when they feel that they are truly committed to one another. How do they find this out? It has to be love. Love has always been a very complex factor for me especially when trying to figure out what the opposite sex is trying to think! I meet this girl in a cafe, she speaks to me..and we start a conversation that lasts for an hour. As soon as she leaves, my mind tells me that I am in love with her. Thats crazy. Everytime I come across some girl, I fall in love. This cannot happen. She doesn't reciprocate in any way...its just a friggin normal conversation. Then why do these thoughts pass over my head? It cannot be infatuation all the time! Atleast why can't I click well with one female? Whats wrong? How do I see the signs? I want to fall in love! I had always been thinking that "one fine day....I will meet the girl of my dreams...and we'll live happily everafter". Thats a load of crap. I'm going to turn 25 and I can't be waiting and waiting for that moment to come by. So I decide to put in some kind of effort...go clubbing where I get to meet and know many people...visit a few dating sites...though I friggin don't have the courage to go on dates. Nothing seems to work out. I feel totally depressed. How do I get there? Will I find my love? Will we live happy for the rest of our lives? Looks kinda bleak brother! Comments please!


Blogger andyspeak said...

dude! it will happen one day! I can assure you that because inspite of being a "dating disasteer" and never ever having "it" that the gals supposedly look for....I had a Love marriage wit h a 4 year courtship period...dont worry about findin her.... when the time comes... she will find you.

god bless..

November 26, 2005 10:22 PM  
Blogger Vikram Prasad said...


That was comforting. But then...I am still waiting. ;-)

November 27, 2005 9:16 AM  

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