Saturday, November 12, 2005

We enter into the usual desi store to check on some movies. There is always an air of disgust when we all enter into the store. On the left checkout desk, the most notorious lady we've come across stands short rolling over her eyeballs to the corner of the stand where the Tamil DVD's are placed. Thats the spot we're checking out for some new movies. Her look in the eyes show up as "Suspicious" as she monitors every movement of ours. When I turn around and glance at her, there's an immediate rush of blood to the head and I feel like grabbing a baseball bat and start plummenting the short lady. But I control myself. One of my roomie, Mooks aka Pradeep, tries to pick up the lone pickle bottle on the stand and tries to hurl at her..but then we stop him from doing so. By that time, another roomie, Nair aka Deepesh, starts cussing at her big time. She stares at us and we stare back. All these were mind games played by 3 us. We take a pick of 3 new Tamil DVD's and walk back to the counter for checkout. Describing her would be a pain, but some of them would be, Short, Dark, Sloth-like, applies 1 gallon of oil to her hair. The conversation begins-

Sloth: whaaats you account number?
We: xxxxx
Sloth: you alreaady have 4 DVD's that were not returned on time.
We: we returned all the DVD's that we rented and there is no backlog.
Sloth: no no no...nothing doing...the database shows you haave 4 DVD's. You all think I am wrong?
We: (Thinking in our minds)- I want to smash your sloth face.
We: errrr...We think you have not updated your database properly, else you have put the returned DVD's in the wrong account number.
Sloth: I need to put fine sir....2 for every DVD thats $8 in that else you cannot check out other DVD's.
We: Ok fine we'll pay it up.
We: Do you have the movie Gajini?
Sloth: sorry sir..that movie is checked out.Moreover if we had it, I would not give it to you because you don't return it on time.
We:(Testing our patience has touched the limits)- You cannot talk like this..we have been customers for more than 4 years.
Sloth: sorry sir...its my duty to warn people like you.
We: !@#$ you Biatch!

We walk out of the store, all 3 of us cussing at her...she still has that stone cold staid look on her face. We'll see you next time Biatch...this time...its we who would be talking!


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