Sunday, December 25, 2005

Looking back at 2005....
2005 has been a roller coaster year for me. I did not meet the goals that I had put forth. There were a lot of downs..but the few positive things made it a break even.
Spent the new year working in Las Vegas. Its always been a great pleasure to be in Vegas. Made the 3.5 hrs trip by road to Los Angeles every weekend. Caught up with some very old friends. Was in good company. Enjoyed my weekend hauls at the casinos and week days at work. Vegas has been the best!
Shifted to New Jersey. First impression- Sick and Dirty. Stayed with CSP at Princeton. We had good fun..and dude, I did my share of improving coverage in your city :-) Enjoyed Dosa Grill, esp the nei podi dosa. Ofcourse, I won't forget the Da Vinci Episode!
Shifted to good'ol Dallas. My base for 5 years now. I love Dallas..and I still miss it a lot. Work got hectic but I stole timeout to have prime time fun with lost long roomies, Mooks, Nair and JC. Met a very interesting person.
Most gruelling time of the year. I started to work close to 24/7 and it was getting on my nerves. My boss was pathetic in managing the project. At times, I thought of killing him myself. Shifted out to a brand new 2 bedroom apt with a colleague.
By far the most productive month in terms of work. Client was happy and impressed. Needed a long time vacation. Booked tickets to NY for a big re union, but missed the flight because of last minute work. Drank with JC and brooded over the fact that work's always been a pain in the ass.
Started to think out of the box in terms of work! Did I have any other social activities other than work? Started clubbing with roomies. Had a great time, infact a ball of a time. I still remember the good'ol purgatory days.
Had a spat with my colleague. I never used to come back to my apt. Stayed all while long in my roomies apt. They understood the situation and took good care of me. Had great time with friends. Missed a couple of opportunities, but got over it.
JC's sudden decision to leave to Boston shocked all of us. He wanted to shift jobs. All of us had a very good feeling that we would end up together in Dallas. His departure was just the beginning. Mooks parents came from India. Had a great time esp with the food.
Work is just sane, not challenging. My seniors are very happy with the work.
I realize that what I'm looking for is just close to reach. But it doesn't end up in fruition. I get very frustrated and depressed. There were 2 instances of these. These make me depressed even more. Mooks ready to shift to Houston. We feel we have come to the end of the road. It all started with me. Nair's happy to be in Dallas. We envy him.
I'm all set to goto Boston. I hate Boston. I had been here last year and it sucked. I reach Boston, but in couple of shoots of and I find out I don't have time to have dinner too. Meet up with JC and we talk about good'ol times we have had. This 2007, I would have known JC and Mooks for 10 years. That quite a time. Skip Thanksgiving for work.
Work gets even more hectic. Boston market stands last. Some how we pull off a miracle and the market is launched. Buy ticket to Madras. I'm going after 3 years. All excited and almost done with shopping. Looking forward to meet people I have missed over the years.
I just hope 2006 would be a better year both careerwise and personally. Wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Great 2006. Let Peace reign in the souls of the depressed and confidence in the minds of the down trodden.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

feelin good comin back to homeland huh...welll dats y its said east or west hometown is de best if not for anythin atleast for UR ppl U MISSED who wud mind all de lil emotins of urs dat might ve gone a WARM WELCOME BACK TO HOMETOWN....

December 26, 2005 9:51 AM  
Blogger Vikram Prasad said...

Hey Anonymous,

Thanks! That was needed. I am so looking fwd to this!

December 26, 2005 3:05 PM  

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