Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tickets to Universal with express pass- $300
Stay at Trump International North Beach, Miami- $500
Car Rental for 3 days- $300
Exquisite Dining- $300
Jet Ski rentals- $300
Swimming in the ocean, Jet Skiing in the middle of the sea with no fear of sharks, getting tanned mid day and the best of all...enjoying with your friends and living life..King size---PRICELESS!!!!
What did you do for memorial day? If you were at home watching Spiderman on TBS with those irritating commercials every 2 minutes- Shame on you!
Atleast plan for your next memorial trip..and think Florida. We were 5 of us. Had fun that was much more explosive than a Dynamite. I think this has been the best ever trip and I will cherish this for a long time...right..another 363 days to go. Myself and JC reached Orlando on Friday evening and met up with Nair in less than an hour. We checked in at our hotel and returned to the airport to pick up CSP and Mooks. It was a reunion of sorts for all of us since it had been more than a year since we last met. After many failed attempts to search for an IHOP to gorge, we finally settled for Denny's that was pathetic..least to say, took a very long time. Within minutes of reaching the place...all of us sync'ed up instantaneously with just a late reaction from the overtly coy JC. After a 1.5 hr dinner, we returned back to the hotel room and crashed except for some poker action from myself CSP and Mooks in which one witnessed me trashing the inexperienced Mooks. Saturday was a long day...phew...the sultry sun pouring down at Universal studios was unbearable. We reached Universal at around 10:30am and left the place at 8:00pm. Everyone seems to have enjoyed it...but I think the next time we need to go to someother place other than Universal. Came back home after dinner at TGIF and crashed. We checked out of the hotel the next morning at 9:00am and drove down to Miami. Initially, Mooks had suggested that we stop over at South(So) beach for sometime and check out their Jet Ski rates. As we reached So beach..word around spread that there was a huge congregation of African Americans for the hip-hop weekend. We passed on that and decided we would check in at Trump International and take the plans from there. Once we reached Trump International, our plans took a sharp turn. To talk about Trump International is something I can compare with God's Palace. Huge, Luxurious, 5 star...what else do you need? We got our room at the 14th floor and after valet parking, we went straight to the room. Once we opened the door, everyone burst into a huge din....what was going on? From the balcony, we could see the ocean. It was irresistible and inviting. Immediately, after buying out some beach wear, we strode into the ocean as to what I would like to call an experience, one has to encounter. Pristine water that stands at 6ft. We had the time of our lives. We were glad not to be in So beach. We dabbled in the water for 2 hrs and went right to the pool by the hotel and jacuzzi. We never expected to experience luxury this way! We sat on the armchairs by the pool side overlooking the sea sipping beer and having funny conversations. Later on, we had the best dinner followed by dessert and one cannot forget the discussions we had over dinner and Mooks request for a "French Kiss". The next day, we rented out 3 jet skis and went into the ocean. If there is a so called "Adventure Sports" wherein Skydiving, Parasailing gets classified, I would prefer to classify this on the same terms. Driving at close to 35mph in the middle of the ocean, one can only experience sheer thrill and fear. Everyone could see the Halo/Aura on JC's face as he sped as fast as he could. Nair was typical...MGR stuff..where as CSP was cautious. Mooks was warned for driving reckless. Wonder when will he ever get to drive properly. I had the best time...wait..Everyone had the best times. We have decided to come back next year..only thing being..we need more fun and more days. I would suggest everyone who has not visited Miami, to make a trip next Memorial. You would also not forget this one true amazing adventure.


Anonymous dinesh n m said...

Glad to know you guyz had an awesome time down in Miami.

When can we see the pictures?

June 03, 2006 9:26 AM  
Blogger Vikram Prasad said...

Yeh..we had an out of the world experience. How was your trip to Boston..Vermont? I'm still waiting on the snaps to make a collage kind of.

June 03, 2006 9:54 AM  
Anonymous dinesh n m said...

Mine should be out in the next couple of days. Working on the pics. Right now hanging out in Houston.

June 03, 2006 1:01 PM  
Anonymous dinesh n m said...

Did you take your own pictures, or are they from CSP?

June 17, 2006 6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so nice fun dude........

June 17, 2006 10:24 PM  
Blogger Vikram Prasad said...

Dinesh- Its a culmination of 3 cameras. Only the best were posted. ;-))

Anonymous-Yeah..it was great fun..everyone has to experience this!

June 18, 2006 11:28 AM  
Anonymous dinesh n m said...

Mavs will win it in 7.

June 19, 2006 3:02 PM  
Blogger Raj said...

Azzurriiiiiiiiiiissssssss rockkkkkkkkk

July 09, 2006 3:04 PM  
Blogger Vikram Prasad said...

I saw the post match replays. Looks like France lost out big time on Zidane.

July 09, 2006 3:38 PM  

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