Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How can the human race survive the next hundred years?

This was the question that was posted by Professor Stephen Hawking, renowned Astro physicist at Cambridge University, a week back on Yahoo Answers

Today has been an extremely sad day. A day when you get a chance to see this question, you tend to relate all the incidents that has happened, and you wonder how to answer this. Ironic?

Today’s incident in Mumbai is another blow in the face of mankind. What actions lead to these massacres? What is the point that has to be proved by killing innocent civilians? Will they get what they want? How long is this going to go? Well, in such a situation, I am very much eager to give out an answer to “How can the human race survive the next hundred years?” It’s easy; we don’t have to wait for another 100 years. It would happen in a very few years time.

From a layman’s viewpoint, what do these people want? Considering they are definitely a part of some insurgent terrorist organization that eventually is an ally of Al Qaeda. So what, do these people want India to give up IOK to Pakistan? Eventually, take the situation, to stop terrorism, India goes out of the way and gives up Kashmir to Pakistan, would this curb such violence? I am afraid; it is not going to happen.

Are these people trying to bring fear in people’s life? I think these people are a disgrace to the Muslim society. In the name of “Jihad” they commit so many terrible acts of violence, not only tarnishing their community, but also by bringing utter shame in the 21st century. It’s very easy to point a finger at them now-a-days; it has just become a daily routine.

At this time, I can only relate myself as just another NRI

The terrible thing about terrorism is that ultimately it destroys those who practice it. Slowly but surely, as they try to extinguish life in others, the light within them dies.

I would like to take a moment to mention the passing away of Syd Barrett. He was the founding father of Pink Floyd, one of the early psychedelic rock bands to rule the century.

May all these people rest in peace and arise like the Phoenix only to make this world a better place.


Blogger Pradeep Selvaraj said...

A completely despicable act by senseless cowards who gained nothing. These heinous act cannot undermine our growth, integrity, culture, values.

We will come out of these strong and more powerful. But such acts cannot go unpunished.

July 11, 2006 9:11 PM  
Blogger Vikram Prasad said...

I don't think our Nation will keep quiet. We'll leap past this and bring justice to the deceased.

July 11, 2006 9:14 PM  
Blogger Raj said...

y r they pop ups from ur blog dude.. Take care of that...

July 22, 2006 7:24 AM  

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