Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How to transform India into a Poverty-Free Nation

Disclaimer: I am neither an economist nor a reformer. I am just another simple Indian who is sharing his ideas in making India a poverty free nation. This article would have various assumptions that might not work in the realistic government. Also, other reforms are based solely on thoughts and might not even work out.

Primary Assumption:

India is a corrupt free country. I know this might sound very far fetched, but considering the fact that corruption in India has its roots right from the lower end employees to the high end executives or politicians as to the kind of only high end corruption we see with the developed countries.

India is the agricultural hub of the world. So it is very easy to assume that one the whole it consists of a majority of farmers. Farmers toil it out everyday to meet their needs and their only primary concern is the lack of water. We cannot do anything about the floods, but droughts can be some how managed.

*Linking of all the major rivers.

I still don’t understand why politicians are not taking up this issue very seriously. It might be a darn tough job, but not impossible. It can ensure perennial flow of water all across India all time of the year keeping farmers on their toes, maximizing their productivity and henceforth maximizing exports along with increased GDP. Secondly, nature would lend its hand along the path of the rivers making our Country less pollutable.

*Making a few changes in your taxes.

Considering the fact that working people with Rs.100000 and above are required to pay taxes, the finance department could introduce a new bill that would deduct accordingly, a small amount from every tax payer based on his income, which goes towards funds that are used wisely for improvement of India.

Eg: Person, who earns Rs.100000/yr. Take 0.005(0.5%) that sums to Rs.500
Person, who earns Rs.200000/yr, pays about Rs.1000 and so on.

In the end, this does sum up to a lot of money that the government can use in order to give better education for children, provide better medical facilities, better infrastructure, etc. And the people, who pay this, treat it like an act of charity that they are doing in making India the best.

*People must be made more aware of birth control and HIV.

A recent survey shows that more number of HIV positive patients are no more in Africa, its India. People should be made aware of excessive population explosion and at the same time generous information should be shared amongst people in the case of HIV/AIDS.


Blogger viki said...

hmm good thought vikram, in my view linking of rivers is good and is the most required one, but these politicians for their needs they played the game of not linking the river, hence the roots have gone strong it will be very hard.

the first & farmost thing needs to be introduced is some education qualification & work experience for the politican.

July 29, 2006 5:48 AM  

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