Sunday, March 11, 2007

I am a great singer too..

Sorry pals, its been close to a decade since I posted a new one. Life has been just lazy/cozy or at times its just pumping with jolts of "work" here and there. These jolts make me so tired that I don't find time to post. Just another frigging lazy excuse for not blogging. So why would this make me lie down in my bed well past my bedtime...(actually they stole an hour of my sleep) and write a post?

Well, recently I have been following American Idol since it aired in January. I noticed in the Hollywood selections, there were 2 Indian singers, one Sanjaya Malakar and his sister, whose name I forget, but she was quite hot. After the selections/deletions from Hollywood, American Idol was left with 24 contestants which constitutes 12 guys and 12 girls out of which 2 guys and 2 girls get eliminated every week until they have 12 people; 6 guys and 6 girls to compete with.

Sanjaya was in the top 24 but his hot sis did not make the cut. Actually, I could not see both of them perform. But what followed the weeks after seem to make me kind of upset in the bottom of my spleen.

The week started with all 24 singers singing their choice of songs and the judges judge them and then America votes for the best. The singers with the least number of votes would get eliminated every week. I basically think the girls are far better than the guys this season..anyways getting back to where I left, I saw Sanjaya perform the first week. This guy is 17 years old and I was kind of happy watching an Indian guy perform. He was bad! His song selections were way off the ground and he never had a great voice. On top of that he was never putting any effort into his singing. He just came across as a casual singer. I thought he's never going to make it to the next round.

When the results came in, I was surprised that he was voted among the top 4 of the 24 contestants. I was shocked! I thought perhaps I made a bad judgement too early. I thought I'll give him one more chance. The next week, he was even worse! Whats even more worse is that the judges were totally onto him like a pack to lions out there to tear him apart. He was pathetic.

When the results came in, he was through to the next round. I was stunned! So were the judges and so was the guy who performed a lot more better than him. Then I started to wonder, if they are going to choose the winner based on votes, if all the Indian Americans had voted for him, he would have got a huge share other than his family and friends and other acquaintances.

That was terrifying. People were just voting based on the fact that he was an Indian. They never thought to hear him sing? Was he so perfect? I bet no!

The last 2 weeks, this guy was singing old jazz/blues and a song by Stevie Wonder which never ever came close to getting him top 4. The next week, he sang John Mayer and this time, he was bad. Remember, last time he was worse. This time he was bad. That's a consolation. The judges agreed with me. In fact Simon Cowell has been straight forward all this time spitting on his face without mercy.

When the results came in, I was in for another shocker. He got through again and broke into the top 12. I was like WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? He won over a guy who has sang his heart out like a lion. I have always like Sundance Head and I am going to miss him on American Idol. I have never seen a more humble, yet a brilliant artist like him. I almost puked when Sanjaya was selected. Everyone was shocked including Sanjaya himself. He is totally confused as to whats happening.

In the end one only wonders how these things happen. First of all, this is a singing competition and when one of them is not doing good and you as an audience is supposed to vote, vote from your heart and not from mind when you think, "Oh, he's an Indian, lets vote for him!" He clearly knows whats happening when better artists are getting kicked out as he has the highest votes for a poor song. Why can't he walk away? I am sure he's carrying a whole load of guilt when he either talks to any of the other contestants, or even when he sits on the chair that's reserved for a better singer who only got kicked out as he had lower votes.

Are we voting on some Congressional bill hearing?? The next time you vote, once again I re-iterate. Vote from your heart. You make/break a budding artist. When a great artist goes into oblivion, his/her career gets shredded. Fine, don't vote at all. At least you would be saving $2.99 in text messaging charges.

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