Thursday, April 20, 2006

Continuing with the previous post...
I begin to wonder
*How have all the generations that have come so far, been here without going back
- Are you greedy for the green?
*Haven't you ever given a thought of going back home?
-Don't give me a trite reason as to "Ohh..I have bought a home here"
*Have you not given one thought about people whom you love?
-Don't give me another hackneyed reason "I plan to bring them here for the rest of their lives". That ain't going to be possible. I am pretty much sure they won't get to adapt to this lifestyle for the rest of their lives though, they would not show that out.
*What is the one good reason for you to stay here?
-I almost answer this myself. "My parents want me to be happy wherever I am. And this is where I am the most happiest" Are you being self centered? Don't you care about what they would feel deep inside? They would want you to be beside them all the way long.
*Does a marriage make a difference in your opinion?
-Ofcourse. It does. You cannot always take your own decisions. You will have to get your other half's opinion as well. But then, either the final decision would be one that would be taken on the same level where both of you are a part of all of these characteristics above, else your other half is submissive enough to follow you all along.

In this post, I have mentioned "You" and not myself. In the end, I myself feel guilty.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bringing the boys back home
I presume that until the year 2002, the brain drain was a bit too high considering the students who passed out of college coming to the United States to pursue higher education, eventually leading to a job and settling down here. Since then, the turn out of grads have lessened tremendously. Post 2002, there have been very few people who turned out and the dwindling numbers stand to prove it. Even people who have been here for quite some time, say about 5 years are deliberating going back home. Management institutions in India compete with one another in this brutal battle and the net result is, Who's taking home the max salary? Why, not only on the management side, from the technical side too, the pay package has been drastically increasing every year. When I passed out of college with a job, I was on a probational status with a monthly take home of 17000 Rupees. Now, for the same fresher, I think its gone upto 25000 Rupees. Moreover, the economic boom that India is reaching right now is also one of the main factors. The spending limit on the Rupee has exceed more in the past 2 years. Home loans leased out for the maximum amount, credit cards issued with ease, the working class generation are being exposed to a concepts there were totally a stranger to- "Freedom" and "Independence". Well, in the end, when the white collared engineer with over 3 years of experience who earns a take home of 50000 USD gets a pay package of 15 lacs a year in India with all the other bonuses not included. That really makes a lot of sense as to why people are now looking for greener pastures in India- The land of opportunities.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

From an entrepreneurial view -
This is a lemonade stand simulation link that I got from Manu's blog. This is quite a game. I made a profit of some $4 odd bucks in a span of a months time. Well, the sad part is the profit made...but the best part is that I got a 100% customer satisfaction. the end that is what that counts eventually!
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