Friday, November 25, 2005

This is a hilarious post. I lifted it off another blog :-p
Perplexed about Premarital Sex

These reasons aren't enough, to have premarital sex.

1.My friends are doing it
You are not your friends. You have your own identity.
2.It would be cool.
When you want to be something you arent, you are Wannabe Kewl not Cool.
3.I would lose my partner
If your partner cant respect your decisions, you ought to dump the partner.
4.I dont want my friends/partner to think I could be gay
Better be thought a gay, then be in a closet and doing things you dont want to.
5.What if I die tommorrow?
Why are you terminally ill or verrrrrry old? Well I do know there could be a tsunami or earthquake or a terrorist attack. And you could be an unfortunate victim.But we dont yell at our Boss thinking what if I die tommorrow, or spend everything in the bank thinking what if I die tommorrow.
6.Its seem so great in the movies
People jump from tall buildings and never get hurt in the movies.
7.I feel bored
Get a hobby
8.I feel lousy now perhaps I would feel better after sex
10 minutes afer sex you are probably going to feel lousy too. And if you dont really want to do it, and have sex just because you think it will make you feel great, you are just expecting too much and perhaps will end up feeling lousier.
9.I have the money and someone needs the money.
Its unethical and illegal (Yes I Know you Know). And those who get caught never thought they would get caught.
10.Porn feels good, sex should feel better.
Looking at an icecream advertisement is not the same as eating a melted icecream. Things could get sticky and yucky too. And you might not like the flavour.Those in the ads, are paid to look as if they are enjoying it.
11.Someone hot and popular wants to do it with me!
Chocolate is great, but 15 minutes after having it, you are not going to feel great. Its never worth it if you really dont want it.
12.I want to blog about it or talk about it
Read couple of other blogs which are on it, and blog. None would know the difference. Or better blog about something different about you.
13.The magic of unknown.
If thats your only reason, ask yourself, if your are going to stop after it becomes known. The best thing about the sex doesnt lie in the first time. Then people would do it only once:) By the way, the magic of Yelling back at the Professor or Boss is unknown to many too:)
14. I have done it in the past
Sex is not just a habit. Let it be meaningful to you. Every breath of life, is an opportunity to be yourself. Just because you thought it was fine, in the past doesnt mean you would think its fine now.
15.Kissing, Oral Sex etc are not the same as intercourse.
Yeah of course they arent. But whatever the nature of the sexual act, dont do it for the wrong reasons
Whats enough? Well if you really want to do it for yourself and after you have considered the Premarital Sex Checklist

1. Spontaneous maybe fun, but definitely not at the cost of safe sex. There is nothing romantic about unplanned premarital pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
2. Dont rely on peer knowledge, better to get the doubts clarified from a doctor.
3. Be prepared also for the possibility of a seperation in future. If you are having sex, kissing, oral sex etc, only in the belief that the person will marry you , well why not wait a few more years. If these activities, make you feel vulnerable and if you think you will not be able to emotionally handle, a seperation later, dont.
4. Never have sex just to prove your love. This is just a form of emotional blackmail. The partner can always " prove the love" by going for a socially recognised method of "proving love". 5. Look around before exposing or indulging in sexual activities. One of the key ingredients of the Jalgaon scandal which happened some years ago was women being duped in the name of love, and recording the act and then blackmailing into doing more , with the video.
6. Oral sex is Medium HIV risk. Kissing can be a risk if you have open wounds. This is just for HIV, if you are so keen on having sex, do a basic research on other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
7.Even if its just casual sex, think of the consequences if your future life partner gets to know about it. Think if you would be able to face any problems created due to this.
8.Also worth a check : The age of your partner and if the partner has another jealous "partner" or a family member with homicidal tendencies
"So this concludes the post on premarital sexFor both the chromosones, xy and xxIts really not very complexBut better, to exercise these mental checks."

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Are holidays meant for work?
Work's getting pretty darn hectic day to day. Last week was manageable. This week its overflowing! I am not enjoying my Thanksgiving. While everyone's gonna munch on the roasted turkey, I would be sitting at my desk slogging. I did find time today to sneak out to post a new blog! There's no one at the office except for a few people who are made to work. Everyone else is enjoying. I'm working tommorow too :-( and looks like the week end too :-((. I need to shop tommorow! Its black friday for christ's sake. I would miss some great deals! I hope my boss gives me some time off in the evening. It has started to snow from today and the whole city is spread with atleast 6 inches of snow. I am yet to shop for winter clothing and I am already freezing. My lips have gone sore from the cold. JC does'nt cook at home. All I have is either some junk from BK else curd rice! Have a happy thanksgiving people!

Saturday, November 19, 2005


It had to be the 7:30pm flight that I had to take on Monday night to Los Angeles. I thought American Airlines would offer me pretzels atleast! Naa ah...not a single pretzel! I just got the apple juice. Are they cutting back on pretzels for christ's sake? The flight was already late for take off at DFW..and I was starving. I hoped to have been served a meal atleast on the connecting flight from LAX to BOS. Naa ah...they did not serve food. Since the flight landed late into LAX, I just had 10 mins to grab a bite at burger king. Overnight flights are a friggin pain in the ass. So was this one. When I landed at Logan International, my company had not booked a car. Then I thought, the problems have started. Well..thats just the beginning. Its bloody cold out here...which is one of the reasons..Boston sux. Secondly, I stopped at a Starbucks to browse on hotspot, and the barista came and told me that they close at 9:00pm. I then stop by a walmart to grab a splitter and a cable, they close at 10:00pm. Whats happening? Does this city sleep by 10:00? Work's been hectic off late...and the only thing that keeps me going right now is Dunkin Donuts. The coffee is out of the world. Given a chance ask for a medium regular with cream and sugar. Get the coffee and stir it for 2 mins. Take a sip. You'll be taken to a totally different world. Dunkin Donuts rule Boston and Bostonians.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Six Degrees of Separation
The day has dawned. We're going separate ways. It has been a very close association of more than 4 years since we were room mates. Now the time has come and each of us are going along a different path. I'm leaving for Boston tonight and I am not too sure on my return date. Pradeep, the guy who's thin in the pic, got another job in Houston and he's moving there. Its only going to be Deepesh, who's staying back in Dallas. It has been great to have lived in Dallas for all these years and all of a sudden a pall of gloom hovers above my head when I think about shifting to Boston. I had been to Boston, the year before and I'll tell you, BOSTON SUX. Infact, North East SUX. But in these situations, I can't help but keep brooding over the fact that I miss Dallas. I still remember the good old days, when we used to watch the 2003 world cup at home with 15-20 people coming over and staying all night long to catch a glimpse of the Indian team. Bajji's used to be served during the match and Tea/Coffee at 4:00am. We've come a long way in these years and what started out as a casual friendship turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. It thought me the essentials of friendship...not that I did not have any friends back home..but the fact that when you get exposed to an alien country, where you have no one to bank on. These people exuded trust, passion, love, kindness and a great sense of humor. I have been grateful in sharing all my feelings and have stumbled upon some great advice given out by them. I still remember the weekends we used to party out and have a great time. The times when we used to sit at home contemplate on our future...from the right "girl" to the right "career". Days we used to sit down with the X-Box and play tennis amongst ourselves, else watch any of Captain's movie with a renewed interest. I guess I will miss them all. But no worries, I'll catch up with fine day..we'll get together and laugh out at all the good times we had. I would fail in duties if I forget to mention JC (Chandy) and CSP. Well the former is shy of posing for a pic whereas the latter has a big frame for a pic. Oops! Guys you all have been wonderful and I wish you all the very best life has to offer. Chandy, I hope you friggin vacate your room when I come over to Boston. I have great plans for Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

We enter into the usual desi store to check on some movies. There is always an air of disgust when we all enter into the store. On the left checkout desk, the most notorious lady we've come across stands short rolling over her eyeballs to the corner of the stand where the Tamil DVD's are placed. Thats the spot we're checking out for some new movies. Her look in the eyes show up as "Suspicious" as she monitors every movement of ours. When I turn around and glance at her, there's an immediate rush of blood to the head and I feel like grabbing a baseball bat and start plummenting the short lady. But I control myself. One of my roomie, Mooks aka Pradeep, tries to pick up the lone pickle bottle on the stand and tries to hurl at her..but then we stop him from doing so. By that time, another roomie, Nair aka Deepesh, starts cussing at her big time. She stares at us and we stare back. All these were mind games played by 3 us. We take a pick of 3 new Tamil DVD's and walk back to the counter for checkout. Describing her would be a pain, but some of them would be, Short, Dark, Sloth-like, applies 1 gallon of oil to her hair. The conversation begins-

Sloth: whaaats you account number?
We: xxxxx
Sloth: you alreaady have 4 DVD's that were not returned on time.
We: we returned all the DVD's that we rented and there is no backlog.
Sloth: no no no...nothing doing...the database shows you haave 4 DVD's. You all think I am wrong?
We: (Thinking in our minds)- I want to smash your sloth face.
We: errrr...We think you have not updated your database properly, else you have put the returned DVD's in the wrong account number.
Sloth: I need to put fine sir....2 for every DVD thats $8 in that else you cannot check out other DVD's.
We: Ok fine we'll pay it up.
We: Do you have the movie Gajini?
Sloth: sorry sir..that movie is checked out.Moreover if we had it, I would not give it to you because you don't return it on time.
We:(Testing our patience has touched the limits)- You cannot talk like this..we have been customers for more than 4 years.
Sloth: sorry sir...its my duty to warn people like you.
We: !@#$ you Biatch!

We walk out of the store, all 3 of us cussing at her...she still has that stone cold staid look on her face. We'll see you next time Biatch...this time...its we who would be talking!

Friday, November 11, 2005

"When you try your best but you don't succeed,
when you get what you want, but not what you need,
when you feel so tired but you can't sleep,
stuck in reverse"- Fix You, Coldplay
Why is life so complex? Why can't it be straightforward? Why can't I have a clear road ahead of me that I know if I take, would make life better in every aspect? I have 3 roads ahead of which I know I don't want to take..and the other 2 in front of me are always open but there always seems to be uncertainty surrounding it. I never know the outcome of whats in there...when they call out to me..I reciprocate..but then when I go closer and closer...the road starts to diminish and I end up standing from where I began. Why is the quest for 1 solution always accompanied by 3 or more confusing situations? Why the pain? When I see every other person's life, its neatly outlined. They do have bottlenecks, but not as often as when I experience it. Why does it always happen that when I want to achieve looks like a mirage. The opportunity looks very tempting...but as you move closer to the goal, you just find that the water you came in search of has shifted to a distant horizon. At first, the best thing is to keep moving in that direction..but after a get the sense of excrutiating pain in your soul for the quest of success. You keep searching and searching...and you also see the water in front of you...but alas once to get find out that its a mirage. How long will I keep searching for that? I need to quench my thirst too.

Monday, November 07, 2005

"Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
This I tell you brother
You can't have one without the other"----Frank Sinatra

Marriage is the union of two souls. Period. Marriage is the step people take when they feel that they are truly committed to one another. How do they find this out? It has to be love. Love has always been a very complex factor for me especially when trying to figure out what the opposite sex is trying to think! I meet this girl in a cafe, she speaks to me..and we start a conversation that lasts for an hour. As soon as she leaves, my mind tells me that I am in love with her. Thats crazy. Everytime I come across some girl, I fall in love. This cannot happen. She doesn't reciprocate in any way...its just a friggin normal conversation. Then why do these thoughts pass over my head? It cannot be infatuation all the time! Atleast why can't I click well with one female? Whats wrong? How do I see the signs? I want to fall in love! I had always been thinking that "one fine day....I will meet the girl of my dreams...and we'll live happily everafter". Thats a load of crap. I'm going to turn 25 and I can't be waiting and waiting for that moment to come by. So I decide to put in some kind of effort...go clubbing where I get to meet and know many people...visit a few dating sites...though I friggin don't have the courage to go on dates. Nothing seems to work out. I feel totally depressed. How do I get there? Will I find my love? Will we live happy for the rest of our lives? Looks kinda bleak brother! Comments please!

Can one ray of light save the universe? Depends on who is holding it.- Yoda

Have you ever wondered that you could be the person who could save the world? I have lost hope. I have always dreamt big, probably some day I would do something worthwhile and that would have a big effect on the world. Is your life predictable always? If you take mine for example, for the past year and a half, its been monotonous, going to the office, checking mails every five minutes, chatting up with friends, browsing the news, having lunch at a specific time, leave the office at a specific time, grab the same old coffee from Starbucks everyday, and also to an extent eating the same food everyday! When I walk into a Starbucks everyday, I can't think of any other coffee than what I drink everyday, be it hot, cold, day or night..always take the same much so its already prepared before I end up paying at the register. Have you ever tried changing your routine? Has it worked? I end up changing it(not the coffee though) but then the next day, its back to same old routine. Well, coming to the point that needs pondering, have you been able to give something back to the world that has made a change in you or a change in another person's life? There is this website called CRY(Child Relief and You), an Indian organization that helps the poor and parentless children with food, health and education with donations from people around the globe. All your donations are tax free and more than that it gives you a sense of satisfaction in helping someone. It brightens a very dull day in your life while at the same time bringing a smile on a young person who longs for your help. I always feel proud doing this and most of the time try to remain anonymous..but if this really makes me feel good..then I ought to share it with you all. Visit and try saving a child from the miseries he/she has been bound to so far. Have a nice day.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

It has always been frustrating when you buy a product online or in store for a set price, and then one fine see the same product for a much much cheaper deal. It has always had an after effect..more of a guilty feeling on me :-( What I would like to share with you are some of the most fascinating websites that offer a comprehensive search of the cheapest deals in town!

Slick Deals

People. This is a truly amazing website that offers great deals on products on a daily basis. Be it some techie stuff you need to buy or some set of knives or a mattress foam for that sake. You get the best deals.


This is more for the geeks. Techie stuff..right from great IPOD deals to great deals on cameras and memory.

Tech Bargains

Another techie site.

e-Deal info

Good deals on both techie stuff and for that sake any other product you're looking to buy.

Hope these sites offer you a very comprehensive list of deals you are looking out for. Check them out everyday...given a chance every hour or every minute...there could be a deal that you would'nt want to miss..and then regret later. Laterz.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hey All,

I've just started to blog and consider myself an infant. Life has always been challenging for me and most of the time, I consider myself lucky in crossing those obstacles that I had never dreamt of getting by. There are just 3 sources to this. Parents, Friends and God. I've created this blog so that I could share some of my experiences with you all and also pose questions that have always bothered me in finding a solution. I will always look forward to your comments and suggestion in making life better for me and for the people around me.
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